WTF Is...

I’m going to be starting a new WTF Is… series based on all of the different things I see floating around in the wellness/holistic/health/beauty/etc space. Some of these products and supplements are awesome and I think serve to help us or at least can contribute to certain aspects of our well-being. I don’t believe all of what is served to us as “magic pills” or “necessary supplements” is necessarily true.

Though I believe that the only way to truly know if anything will work for us is to, first and foremost, become informed. I want to give brief overviews to certain products, herbs, supplements, and substances to hopefully encourage you to kickstart your own research into these things. My information is not the end all be all and you should always do your own research on things before you decide to implement them into your daily routine. Because what works for me, or anyone else for that matter, will not always work for you.

I think the age of the guru is coming to a close- it’s time for the age of YOU!

You are the one and only being that knows what feels good and feels right for you; so listen to that!

With as much access as we have to information, we should take our health and well-being into our own hands. Do the research. Figure out what works for your body and your body alone.

I’ll be creating infographics and linking you to articles that you may read to gain further insights. First up is

WTF Is…Ashwagandha

WTF Is... Ashwaghanda.png

Research pages

Have you taken Ashwagandha before? Has it worked for you and your body? What benefits or adverse affects did you notice? Do you like being given article links to continue on with your own research? Let me know!