Sacred Animals Series: The Stag

This is a continuation of the Sacred Animal Series; currently featured is The Stag.



“As we begin to love and appreciate ourselves as we are, our channels open and we access the infinite vitality of life force.”

Shakti Gawain

Vitality is almost always interchangeably used with life force, energy, and/or internal fire. Vitality is the stream of the electricity of the All that moves through each and everyone of us. The Stag’s vitality is energetically shown through its stance, its movements, its connection and aliveness to the nature it inhabits. When observing The Stag, you are able to truly see the force of life pulsing through it. You can feel the energy and its magnetism, so much so that you pause and your breath is taken away. Vitality is a sure foot, a steady breath, a clear vision, and a grounded heart.

Your most vital and powerful self is in this very moment.

Vitality is also directly linked to your vital signs; the four primary signs that are tested to see how your body is functioning. It’s imperative to not only keep note of our physical vital signs but our spiritual and emotional ones as well. 

Here are some journaling/meditation prompts to bring you into closer connection with your vitality-your life force, the powerful essence that is flowing through you at each moment!

  • Respiration (breath) rate, body temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure. These are the four primary vital (physical) signs that are routinely tested. How do each of these correlate to your spiritual and emotional vital signs? The temperature of your passions? The pulse of your joy? Take some time to reflect and make a list of your vitals! What keeps your energy/life force/vitality flowing?

  • Are there some areas of your life force or energy that have felt blocked or un-attended to? In what ways can you re-direct the flow into those places?

  • What makes you feel your most alive? Do you do that thing often? If so, how have you noticed that energy of your aliveness affect other aspects of your life and those around you? If not, why not?

  • Stop. Check your breath. Take one minute to just pause and breathe. Feel your life force flow through you within that breath. Where could you begin to love and appreciate yourself as you are?